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Choose from hundreds of pre-made paint by number designs, or create your own custom paint by numbers.

We can convert your photographs into the perfect paint by numbers canvas so you can paint your memories.

All you need to do is upload your own photo!

Our personalized kits come with all you need to get started, and make a fantastic gift! Whether it's for portraits, wedding photos, your pets’ photos or any else, we can convert it into a canvas for a painting. 

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Looking for a fun and easy way to get into painting? Try a paint by numbers kit! We have a great selection of ready-to-paint kits in a variety of subject matter, from landscapes to portraits. Just follow the numbered instructions and watch your artwork come to life.

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  • What is Paint By Numbers?

    Paint by numbers is a painting technique in which a picture is divided into numbered sections and the painter uses a corresponding numbered paint palette to fill in the sections. The technique was invented in the 1950s and has since become a popular way for people of all ages to enjoy painting as a hobby.

    There are a few things you need to get started with paint by numbers:

    1. A paint by numbers kit. These can be found online or in craft stores.

    2. A set of paintbrushes. You will need at least two, one for each color you are using.

    3. A cup of water.

    4. A piece of cardboard or an old magazine to use as a paint palette.

    5. A comfortable place to sit or stand while you paint.

    Once you have all of your supplies, you are ready to get started!

    1. Begin by finding the section of the painting that has the number one. This will be your starting point.

    2. Dip your brush into the paint corresponding to the number one section.

    3. Paint that section of the picture.

    4. Continue painting each section in order until the entire picture is complete.

    Paint by numbers is a fun and easy way to enjoy painting, even if you have never picked up a paintbrush before. The key is to take your time and relax. Don't worry about making mistakes, just enjoy the process and the finished product will be beautiful.

  • Custom Paint By Numbers

    5 Easy Steps To Create Your Masterpiece:

    Step 1. Click the "Choose Image" button to begin looking for the image you'd like to use. We accept all image qualities, but to get the very best results, choose an image with lots of colour, which is non-pixelated. 

    Step 2. Select your desired size. The bigger the canvas size, the less detail is lost, so we highly recommend you choose a larger size (at least 40cm across) to guarantee the best result. Please note that we will select landscape or portrait depending on the image that you upload (unless you specify otherwise).

    Step 3. Now select the number of paints you would like. The more you select, the greater detail of the painting. If you're uploading an image with lots of detail and shades, its best to choose a higher number of paints!

    Step 4. Verify your image is uploaded correctly by checking to see if there's a file attached to your order. If all looks good, hit "Add To Cart." or checkout instantly with your chosen provider.

    Step 5. Proceed to checkout as usual. You're all set! If you wanna be extra sure everything went through, you can click or tap the image link attached to your order to download and verify the image as we have it on our end.

  • History of Painting By Numbers

    The first paint by number was created by a man named Dan Robbins. He was working for a company that made paint by number kits. He came up with the idea while he was working on a project for the company. He created a prototype and then took it to the company's owner. The owner loved the idea and decided to put it into production.

    Paint by number kits contain a board with light markings that indicate which areas to paint. Each area has a number, and the corresponding paint color is stored in a numbered compartment in the kit. Users are encouraged to wash the paintbrush every time they use a new color. The kits were invented in 1950 by Max S. Klein, an engineer and owner of the Palmer Paint Company of Detroit, Michigan, and Dan Robbins, a commercial artist. When Palmer Paint introduced crayons to consumers, they also posted images online for a "Crayon by Number" version.

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